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About Us

Our Materials

Our new pricing reflects our commitment to being Made in the USA and the quality of our materials. We have spent over 10 years & Tens of Thousands of dollars research and developing our products, there is allot of industry sensitive information, but there is also a bunch of information we can tell you! All of our products were designed with technical performance in mind. We discovered that shock covers without breathability will break down the viscosity of your shock oil. We discovered man-made snow (for Snocross events) will cut fabrics at high rates of speed (roost). This attention to detail has allowed us to stay on top!

SnoSkinz are THE BEST protection components in the WORLD, bar none. Because we are Made in the USA, we have complete quality control. Price was not a factor when we searched for our materials, performance was, once we set out to solve problems on snowmobiles.

Our hydrophobic mesh is absolutely incredible, the strongest we have EVER found! Tensile strength levels we have NEVER seen before in a mesh. The P.P.M. reduction in airflow is minimal, similar P.P.M. to a pre-filter for airfilters (vacum testing) yet it cannot be torn by human hands! It MUST be cut with a knife or razor blade. Stabbing it with a Standard Screwdriver will not cut it... It will NEVER FAIL!

Our Adhesive Materials on the Peel/Stick covers is Top Secret. When applied properly with heat (heat gun), it will not release in ANY TEMPERATURE / MOISTURE conditions. It is re-usable.

Our Velcro® is the most expensive material we use! We worked with Velcro USA to ensure no failure. The adhesive that attaches to your hood is strong when applied with a heat gun, yet the same adhesive, used with a heat gun is easily removed from your hood. The adhesive Velcro is very important because it allows the user to remove the bra and clean any powder, ice, debris off the mesh and place it back when clean, no other product offers the removability feature! It also enables the buyer to his/her hood or belly pan INTACT, no hacking needed!

Our chosen exterior material is neoprene. In extreme variations of temperatures, neoprene keeps its form, flexibility, and strength. It's waterproof... ice and wet snow have little effect on the neoprene's ability to perform. The laminating on the neoprene protects your coil's paint when used on our shock covers, there will be no scratching or marring of your paint on the coil.

The thread we have chosen can pull a truck! Strongest tinsle srength we could find! We have never had failure with the thread, it's just that strong!

Testing Grounds (Research & Development)

Team SnoSkinz enabled us to collect data & feedback from our sponsored riders on the snocross track. We started to realize how important shock fluid cooling was. We proved that your suspension with actually become soft from the viscosity break down of the shock fluid when you completely cover your shock without any cooling... in other words, you should re-valve your shocks to keep the same performance of your suspension when you have shock covers with no venting. On the snocross track we also learned that neoprene was the best fabric to use, very flexible in hot or cold, dry or moist conditions, while at the same time no marring or scratching of the paint on the coil!

We also used the snocross track for the beginning of the hood bras, keep air flow but eliminating the roost entering under the hood of your race sled was time consuming to R&D, because there isn't many options of incredibly strong mesh factories in the WORLD! Finding our first proven mesh, proven meant it would stand up to the roost of a Pro Open Mod sled in a WPSA Pro Open Class, took over 2 years. Good enough for the pros, just fine for the trail rider! Another market opened up that needed these types of products... the mountain rider, powder can be a serious, vacation ruining, problem.

Ryan Britt of Valdez, AK has been a great R&D rider for our mountain riders. Testing is now done in CO, UT, WY, AK, MI, BC to ensure our products perform in all powder types. We have developed our new SnoSkinz Performance Shock Covers with the mountain rider in mind, keeping the venting as high as possible in front. SnoSkinz hood bras have a new mesh, because our old mesh was good in powder, except in Summit County CO's world famous champagne powder, the old mesh was not good enough, the new mesh needed to cover all types of powder... We found the UBBER of all mesh!


MISSION: Made in the USA!

Simple and straight forward... we are proud of our country and what it stands for. Going overseas for our products isn't going to happen, because of that, we cannot work with the big distributors (i.e. Parts Unlimited, Bell Industries, WPS, etc.) because we cannot meet their mark-ups being made in America, we move on without them! We won't be forced by the industry to go overseas!

Call us control freaks... we want to be able to control all aspects of the manufacturing process, with quality control being the top priority. We can't get that with some dude somewhere overseas assembling our products! We purchase all of our materials from US owned companies, period...USA...USA...USA


Manufacturer's LifeTime Limited Warranty

We stand behind every product we manufactor from manufactoring defects. If for any reason, your product fails, contact us, ship it back to us and we will work with you to replace the product. Warranty does not cover blatent mis-use of our products.