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"I have been using SnoSkinz Protection Products since Sno-Cross racing in the pro categories. Over the past several years I have been a mechanic to now a crew cheif of some of the top Sno-Corss Teams in the world. From Boss Racing to Warnert Racing, all of our factory issued race sleds will have SnoSkinz Intake & Vent Covers on them."

-Ryan Duncan

SnoSkinz - 

"This is the solution to get cold air into your motor and keep snow out. We did a test with a vacuum machine in our shop on different types of screen and the SnoSkinz material was by far the best (on the vacuum test). Plus, this mesh is tough as nails. I don't know if aliens dropped this stuff on Kevin Heston's doorstep one night or what, but it's impossible to rip."

-Steve Scheuring, written in SNO-X Magazine article

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