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Shock Cover Installation Area


  • Open your shock cover by seperating the Velcro.
  • SnoSkinz & MudSkinz shock covers are directional (RH & LH) make sure when you affix the Velcro, the overlapping portion of the shock cover faces the rear of the machine.
  • If you are installing SnoSkinz shock covers, make sure you have the mesh portion of the shock cover over the body of the shock, to ensure your shock fluid is cooled. The Neoprene portion of the shock cover goes over the shaft of the shock, to protect the shaft & "O" ring from pitting & contaminents.
  • Starting at the top or bottom of the shock cover, which ever is easiest for you, align the top edges of the Velcro & affix.
  • Work your way up or down the shock cover, affixing the Velcro as you work.
  • Once you have a square fit for your shock cover, re-affix any portion of the shock cover that is not "snug" to the coil.